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Christa Lytle

Eileen is the best! She has gone out of her way for my grandson and my son’s case. Prior to taking my case, Eileen spent hours talking to me, she even took the time to go over all my evidence and she went as far as contacting people regarding my son’s case. After retaining her months later, she has been awesome. She is very intelligent and knows the laws, inside and out. She is on top of her game, a Lil firecracker! She’s always kept us informed of everything, and has told us what to do and not to do. Eileen is a blessing and I would recommend her to anyone, and everyone. I truly believe, she loves her job and has proven to me she knows her job very well, which makes her the very best. If you need a excellent lawyer don’t hesitate…..Eileen Scheff is the very BEST their is!! Guaranteed you will be pleased and very thankful of her expertise!! She rock’s!!

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