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John Spehar

Being a father awarded physical custody of my daughters, my ex-wife filed a “change in custody” motion AGAIN (her 2nd in 3 yrs), once again making numerous and completely false allegations against my character, my wife and our proven parenting skills.

Eileen was nothing short of spectacular in representing me and my family. Having gone through the Wayne County Family Courts system, I have learned first-hand how difficult it is for a Father to be given equal consideration in the process.

I have to say that Eileen’s professionalism, compassion and willingness to act on my behalf was, in my opinion, the deciding factor in preventing the Judge from being taken in by my ex-wife’s “emotions on demand” and the smoke-screen she tried to create in order to fool the Judge and sway her decision.

I would STRONGLY recommend Eileen Scheff to anyone needing legal representation in family law situations.