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About Us

Attorneys Scheff and Washington have fought for over 35 years for the rights of labor and employees, for civil rights, for reproductive and sexual freedom, for parents and spouses in family disputes, and for persons prosecuted and brutalized by the police. We have represented individuals and organizations that no one else would defend and won cases that others said could not be won.

Our cases have been important for people throughout the nation. We were part of the team that successfully represented the intervening black, Latina/o and white students who defended affirmative action at the University of Michigan Law School in the Supreme Court of the United States in Grutter v. Bollinger. We won the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals decision striking down the 2006 law banning affirmative action and represented the plaintiffs in the Supreme Court which tragically upheld that law.

We also challenged the takeover of the Detroit schools, the firing of Detroit teachers, sexual harassment at the Ford Motor Company and handled numerous other important cases.

The firm represents labor unions and their members, including the UAW, AFSCME, the Teamsters, and independent unions. We fight for employees who have been unjustly fired or threatened with a loss of their professional licenses; citizens and immigrants who have been shot or beaten by the police; persons accused of crimes they did not commit; parents wrongfully denied contact with their children; current and ex-spouses needing to protect their incomes and assets; and persons who have been subjected to discrimination and otherwise deprived of their rights.

Attorneys Scheff and Washington are committed to providing high-quality, aggressive representation to every individual and organization that we represent. If your rights have been denied—and you want to defend your rights and win the outcome you deserve —contact us by phone or email.